Warren works a crowd of 8,000 at the Red Cross D & D Ball at the Hordern Pavilion.

The Shy Guys Rock Hamilton Island for Liquor Marketing Group.


Andrew wears the brand at North Bondi.

Larissa and Jason Jackson at the ACE Awards.

Andy meets the long lost Jackson Brother!!!

Second Generation Variety Entertainers Dean O'Leary, Warren Williams, Andrew Williams, Shayne Anne O'Leary, PJ Lane, and Darren Carr.

The Williams close the show at the ACE Awards.

Amanda, Nowell and Maz celebrate Amanda's wedding.

Warren with MC Jessica Rowe at the Sydney High Ball.

Andrew, Mel and Todd ready to rock the INDY Ball on the Gold Coast.

Mel relaxes in the Jupiter's Casino Spa after the gig.

The Shy Guys receive their MO Award at the Sydney Entertainment Centre Awards Ceremony.

The Shy Guys Hang out with Jimmy Barnes in the Hunter Valley. "Hey guys do you know Khe Sanh?"

Warren with Sophie Faulkner at the 2006 AAMI Golden Slipper Ball.

Tim catches up with Australian Idol's Marty at the Golden Slipper Ball.

Andrew and Warren with singer Christine Anu (who sang the National Anthem) and Jonathon (Andrew's son) at the Swans Parade after party.

Tim and beautiful wife Sarah backstage with The Veronicas.

Warren with Tom Williams who performed a Dance routine with partner Kim and THE SHY GUYS at the SAD Kids Charity Ball at Luna Park, Sydney.

Mel gets to hold one of the three Mo Awards won by the Williams Brothers at the 2008 Mo Awards Ceremony.

Todd, John and Tim with Maria Venuti.

The Shy Guys give a lift to the Other Dame Edna, the very talented Neil Hanson.
Andrew meets  legendary guitarist
Les Paul in New York.
North Bondi's Rock Guru Dave Collings works the stage with THE SHY GUYS.

Todd and Tim play for the camera at the NSW Primary Schools Principals Conference at the Wentworth.

Andrew in "Safari" mode at the Star City VIP Jungle Ball.

Mel on the jungle stage.

Tim works on his fan base at the Orient.

Melissa makes her return to the band area at North Bondi.

The girls are all smiles at the International Nurses Ball.

The girls hit the floor at the Nurses Ball.

The singing nurses!!!

Mel gets right in to it at the Australian Museum.

Mel sings with the guys at Cronulla.

Andrew, Larissa and Luke at PJ's Drummoyne.

The Shy Guys in function mode with Mel on Vocals.

Warren and Linda at the Orient.

Nadine backstage at the Slipper Ball.

Hillary and friends party with the Williams Brothers at the Orient.

Nadine tells Andrew the secrets of being a "chick" singer in a Rock 'n' Roll Band.

Nadine and Kim catch up with The Shy Guys at Cronulla.

The stage at the Gold Coast Convention Centre was awesome!

Joe Camilleri with Wilbur Wilde and THE SHY GUYS.

Andrew does a Chuck Berry.

Warren directs the Star City crowd on New Year's Eve.

Jaime The Shy Guys "Sax Symbol" shows off his VIP Pass at Star City.

Anneke and Vicki with The Williams Brothers at an Everlys and Idols gig.

Star City's No.1 table games player Wayne Brown shows that "he's still got it" at the VIP XMAS Ball.





Sound check on Stradbroke.

Warren keeps the boss happy.

Mel gives the food a big thumbs up!

The Phillip Morris girls get ready to dance.



The band in action at South's on NYE
Warren is all smiles.
Johnny rock solid at the kit.
Former members of THE SHY GUYS Kathy and Paul.
Warren and Tim rockin' out at the Blackmores Awards.
Warren and Awards MC Jamie Durie talk Man Power.
The boys take some time out to play.

A huge Crowd packs the dance floor at the PRD Nationwide Real Estate Awards Ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. It was a great night of fun and the PRD Staff proved that they knew how to PARTY!

PRD Laurieton's "CHUBBS" ripped out a few Rock Classics with The Shy Guys. He sang as though he had been in the business for 20 years.



Frontline's No.1 Man Peter Davis sings with The Shy Guys.

Mandy sings the house down.

Claudette shows her many talents to her frontline colleagues.

The Frontline Girls heat up  the dance floor with the band.

Frontline's Managing Director Peter Davis shows off his talents on the microphone.

Belinda catches all of the action on her handy cam.




The mums of Barker College dance for The Shy Guys on their Big Night Out.

The Shy Guys rock Luna Park for FDC with awesome staging and production by Mark Christowski and Mick Mazzone.

Katrina and Andrew talk Marathon training at East's Leagues.

Kylie with Cheree Tester (Hairdresser to the Stars) at PJ's Parramatta.

Tania and Kath from Mackay travel to Sydney to celebrate Tanya's Birthday at the Orient with The Williams Brothers.

Our good mates Jodie and Nick celebrate Jodie's 24th at The Orient with The Williams Brothers.

Andrew with dancing legend Kenny Jackson at Star City Casino.

Kerry and Jeff from Canada are all smiles with Tim and Andrew at The Orient.

Melissa and Cath enjoy a Williams Brother's gig at the Orient.

Lisa celebrates her birthday with friends and The Williams Brothers at the Orient.

Australia's No.1 DJ Marty with friend Rachael at The Orient.

The Shy Guys find two new fans at the Wollongong Business and Retail Awards.

Andrew rocks out in Brisbane.

Inside a Great White at Glenelg Beach.

Phillip Morris manager Steve on stage with the band.

"Has anybody ever told you you have beautiful eyes?"

Andrew is impressed by a guest vocalist from Kemp Strang at the companies XMAS Party.


Warren works the crowd with some  dancing girls at the Red Cross D & D Ball at the Hordern Pavilion.
A huge crowd at Docklands Melbourne for PWC.
Warren working it in Melbourne.
Andrew and Warren with their ACE Award for "Best Vocal Group".
Mel gets to hold the Trophy.
He's Bad, He's Bad, He's really, really BAD!!!
On stage at the ACE Awards.
The Williams Brothers with former Miss Lebanon Nowell.
Andrew and Warren with Dr. Adi Torda at the Sydney High Ball.
Andrew in deep thought backstage at The INDY Ball.
Tim with Special Events guru Dan Fabian at The INDY Ball.
Warren sings for the INDY Girls.
Warren and Andrew are congratulated by Rock 'n' Roll legend Col Joye at the MO Awards Ceremony.
Tim introduces The Shy Guys to his IDOL Paulini in the Hunter Valley.
Johnny seals the deal with former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard.

Todd talks Rock 'n' Roll with Australia's No.1 Promoter Marc Christowski as they prepare to mount a VIRGIN at the Gold Coast Airport.

THE SHY GUYS get final instructions from Golden Slipper Ball Entertainment Director Dave Douglas.

NSW State Premier Morris Iemma thanks the Williams Brothers for their performance at the Swans Parade.
Andrew, Mel and Warren with Franky Valentyn at the Mo Awards.

The Shy Guys with Stan from the Liquor Marketing Group and Malcom Dee.

The Shy Guys perform with Malcom Dee at the Liquor Marketing Group Conference at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast.
The guys with Maria and Jenny Barilla from Frontline Retail.
Warren and Mel in Star Wars mode at Star City.

George and Angeliqu dance to The Shy Guys at their 10th Wedding Anniversary Party at the Royal Yacht Club.

Warren woos the ladies at "Morning Melodies" at Campbelltown Catholic Club.
Mel and Warren do a Tarzan and Jane at the Star City Jungle Party.
Tim the Great White Hunter.
Warren catches up with old mate Ashley at the Ord Minnet XMAS Party.
Mel gets ready for the stage.
Rachael, Noelle and Linda on home turf at PJ's Drummoyne.
The Williams Brothers do their "Everlys Set" at Campbelltown Catholic Club.
The Shy Guys work it at North Bondi.
Warren's main girls Jo and Tracy at North Bondi.
Andrew plays it for the nurses.
Nadine, Vicki and Carlene enjoy The Shy Guys at Cronulla.
Sarah and Mel get a snap with Todd at Parramatta Leagues.
Mel belts out a song.
The Orient's finest Linda and Noelle enjoy a Williams Brothers gig.

Andrew and Nadine on stage at the Golden Slipper Ball.

Warren with Kim at Cronulla.

Louise and Jessica dance on stage for The Shy Guys at Cronulla.
The boys rock out with Wilber Wilde.
Frankie J Holden rocks out.
Ross Wilson rocks with THE SHY GUYS.
Ol' 55's Frankie J Holden backstage with the boys at the Gold Coast Convention Centre for QBE Insurance.
Tim and Toddy having fun on New Year's Eve at Star City.
Nadine works her vocals at Star City.
Tim does a solo.
The Venue was awesome.
The Phillip Morris boys go off!!!
The Shy Guys just love getting on a Virgin.
Tim and Todd play it for the camera .
Nadine belts out a tune.
Carley and Vicki on the dance floor.

THE SHY GUYS on stage in Hamilton Island for Blackmores.

Blackmores' Staff members perform their own "Dancing with the Stars".
Blackmores' girls take the floor.
The Girls from PRD Oatley were voted the Number Office in Go - Go Dancing.
The Frontline Girls take the stage.
Andrea rocks out a KISS number.
Frontline's Jenny leads the karaoke with The Shy Guys.
Claudette still has what it takes.
Jenny works the floor.
The Harvey World Travel crowd still know how to PARTY!!!
The Shy Guys with Music Maestros Tommy Tycho and Jeff Harvey at the Mo Awards Ceremony.
Andrew and Warren
The Shy Guys ROCK out at
The Hunter Valley for B.A.T.
Aussie Rock Icons Ian Moss, Richard Clapton, Joe Camaleri and Ross Wilson warm up the crowd before THE SHY GUYS set at Luna Park for FDC.
Andrew with Jane at PJ's Drummoyne.
Angela plays the stick for the Williams Brothers at the Orient.
Andrew with Star City VIP Faye.
PJ Gallagher's own webmaster Lia on the job at Parramatta.
Mackay girls Tanya, Kath, Donna and Mary with Warren at The Orient.
Fran and Donna Marie catch up with their favourite band at Souths Juniors.
Andrew with Kylie and Norma at PJ's Parramatta.
Caroline and Jen at The Orient.
The Williams Brothers meet celebrity photographer Samantha Bree at PJs.
Tim, John and Andrew with a New Breed Girl in Brisbane.
Fun on the Dance Floor.

Shy Guy's Sound Guy Michael touches the sand at Glenelg Beach.
Sydney's No.1 Duo (The Williams Brothers) talk gigs with Sydney's No.1 Male and Female Soloists Franky Valentyne and Sharron Bowman.

Tim gets all "FUNKY" at the Hordern Pavilion.

Docklands Melbourne.


Andrew, Jaime and Mel check out the sights of Melbourne.

Andrew, Warren and Larissa at the ACE Awards.

With Shayne-Anne O'Leary and PJ Lane.

With Muma Maria Venuti and Larissa at the ACE Awards.

Andrew with Legendary Agent to the Stars Robyn Wade.

ACE Finale.

Rosie, Lisa and Deb enjoy the Orient with The Williams Brothers.

Mel with Jessica Rowe.

Mel in lock-up at The INDY Ball.

The boys get up close with Miss INDY runner-up Sally Arnott.


The Shy Guy's Tim, Andrew, John and Warren with EVERLY & IDOLS guitarist Steve Henderson receive their MO Award at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

The boys hang out with Aussie Rock Legends Ross Wilson and Ian Moss at the FDC gig.

Tim with Australian Idol Haley at the 2006 AAMI Golden Slipper Ball.
Andrew and Warren discuss the big game with Sydney Swans Captain Barry Hall at The Swans Parade.

Warren and Andrew with Channel 10's Sandra Sully at the Swans Parade.

Warren and Andrew break the ice with Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury at the ICE Ball at FOX Studios.

Andrew and Warren with South Sydney Juniors' Entertainment Director (and former SHY GUY) Brad Stanford at the Mo Awards.

Warren with Shayne O'Leary (Artist's Answering Centre),Chris Keeble (South Sydney Leagues)and singer Liz Taylor at the ACE Awards.

Warren with George and Angeliqu.

THE SHY GUYS get final instructions from Golden Slipper Ball Entertainment Director Dave Douglas.

THE SHY GUYS do Star Wars for the Star City New Year's Eve VIP Ball.

Andrew rocks with the Primary Schools' Principals at the Wentworth.

John and Tim work it in the jungle.

Mel gets a ride at the Jungle Ball.

Julie and Nick enjoy The Williams Brothers at the Orient.

Julie and Lauren.

Mel finds her perfect dancing partner at The Australian Museum.

Andrew shows off a few tricks at Campbelltown Catholic Club.

Larissa hits the jackpot at North Bondi.

Melissa and Lisa at North Bondi.

John and Alison mount a VIRGIN on the Gold Coast.

Andrew catches up with Sydney's No. Female soloist Sharron Bowman at PJ's.

Mel backstage.

Noelle and Andrew talk protein intake.

Larissa shows off her Rock Star looks!    Hi Uncle Tim.

Mel and Sarah catch The Williams Brothers at Star City.

Nadine and Warren backstage.

The boys on stage at the Gold Coast.

Joe and Wilbur sax it up with THE SHY GUYS on the Gold Coast.

The band with Nadine on "Girlie Vocals" and Jaime on Sax at the  Star City VIP.

Shy Guys sound guy Michael happily shows Nadine around his sound desk.

The Shy Guys Rockin' out on New Year's Eve on the Star City Stage.

Nadine goes all Olivia for The Shy Guys at Star City's NYE VIP Ball.

Everlys & Idols guitarist Steve Henderson with Col Joye at the Mo Awards Ceremony.

The Shy Guys celebrate XMAS with Santa at the 2006 Star City VIP Ball.


Legendary tennis coach Grant "Macca" McIntosh and Lisa at the Orient.



Time to kill before the gig.

Chilling out and ready to rock.

Mel puts her feet up in style


Tim and John catch up on some sleep but Warren is still full of beans on the trip home from the Gold Coast.




Andrew gets right to the point..

Jaime likes those white pants.

Vicki and Kathy enjoy the night.


Warren working it on stage.

THE SHY GUYS with Jamie Durie on Hamilton Island for Blackmores.

Andrew tries out THE SHY GUYS transport vehicle on the island.



Shane from PRD Panania does a bit of Karaoke with the band.

The Oatley Girls in action under the spotlight at The Four Seasons.



Geoff does an Elvis for Frontline.

Frontline's Jenny had all the moves when she hit the stage with The Shy Guys.

Nerissa does a tambourine solo.

Andrea rocks with the band.

Pete, Nerissa and Garth.






Hunter Valley.

The Shy Guys rock the NSW Schools Principals Conference at The Fairmont Resort.

Scottie, Hayley and Katrina catch The Shy Guys at East's Leagues.


Team Jarvy party at the Orient.

DJ "Jazzy" Jeff at the Orient.

Popeye and Chris at Mt. Druitt Workers.

Andrew catches up with Kim and Bel who have following The Shy Guys from the beginning in 1994.

Amy, Angela and Sally enjoy the Orient.

The Shy Guys longest supporter Melissa with Tim at Souths Juniors.

Andrea and Michael at PJ's Parramatta make a lovely couple.

Toddy gets a touch up from the New Breed Girls.

Todd does his Gene Simmons impersonation.

The boys give the MACS a workout on the flight to Adelaide.

Warren works it in Brisbane.

The Collaroy Girls.


John and New Breed Girl.

The New Breed Girls dance with The Shy Guys at The Church in Adelaide.