The Shy Guys with the New Breed Girls at The Dragon Fly.

Shy Guys' Sound Man Michael inspects the Artwork and Posters at Honky Tonk in Melbourne.

The Shy Guys at Honky Tonk.

Michael and Andrew ready to board a virgin in Melbourne.


The boys check out Warren's new dance moves onboard the Pontoon.

The Shy Guys do GREASE at the Freehills XMAS Party.

Rock 'n' Roll Shy Guys.

Warren with the New Breed Girls.
Andrew with the New Breed Girls.
Toddy rocks at The Darling Harbour Convention Centre.

Warren Williams (Andrew and Warren's dad) performs with the band at a corporate event.

Tim explains to his wife Sarah how to cook his famous Potato bake.

John and Danny of Phillip Morris jam with the band in Brisbane.


Tim And Toddy Rock for New Breed in Melbourne.

Andrew & John at Collaroy.

Warren & Andrew in cabaret.

John plays up to the camera.

The IDOLS meet their Idols!

Tim and John in corporate mode.

Toddy catches up on some sleep during the band's busy corporate season.

Toddy and Andrew debate MAC versus PC.

The Shy Guys rock for the Phillip Morris launch in Adelaide.