A truly Shy Girl         Barry and Sean

Warren's little boy Jordan does Eminem on the Footy Show

Amanda shows her Pearly Whites at PJ's Drummoyne.

NRL Cheer Girls with The Shy Guys at Corporate Event with The Shy Guys.


The Friday Club party at Collaroy.

Wayne and Fiona get all tongue tied at PJ's Parramatta.

Andrew gets inspired by Richie and Michael at PJ's.

Andrew talks music with Michael Dainty at PJ's Parramatta.

P J Gallagher's Parramatta's resident vamp Vicki.

Money for nothin' and chicks for free

Carey sings with the band.

John and Tim find a new fan at South's Juniors.

Laura celebrates her Hen's Night at Cronulla RSL.

               Joanna Griggs       Caroline & Simone
Andrew and Warren with Star City's "Purrrrfect Jaguar Girls"
The Shy Guys biggest fans Melissa and Fiona shows off her cheesy grins at East's Leagues.
Sa, Donna, and Oka at Pj's Parramattafo a Williams Brothers gig.
Katrina and Kate at PJ Gallagher's Drummoyne for The Williams Brothers.
The Girls from Mackay in Queensland who traveled down to Sydney to catch their second Williams Brothers gig at The Orient  in 6 months. AWESOME!
Crystal and Wendy at PJ's Parramatta
Elizabeth struts her stuff at PJ's Parramatta.
SCEGGS Redlands Junior Sports Mistress Sam Robinson sings with Warren at the SCEGGS XMAS Bash
The Shy Guys meet some "Pink Ladies" at the Freehills XMAS Party
South Sydney Junior's Disco Dancing / Karaoke King Carey.
Natasha has her Hen's Night with The Williams Brother's at The Orient.

Simone & Melissa

Larissa does Paris Hilton


Kathy and Tanya at The Orient for the Williams Brothers Trio.

Shy Girls with legendary Bass Guitarist Simon Wilson.

The IDOLS meet their Idols! Warren and Andrew with Australian Idols top six at The Sydney Town Hall.

Wayne & Charmaine at PJ's Parramatta

Eva and Pete at PJ's Parramatta.

Warren gets a hand from Elizabeth at PJ's Parramatta.

SCEGGS Redlands Staff party on the dance floor with The Shy Guys

A New Breed Girl "Go - Gos" with  The Shy Guys in Sydney

Carey and his Dancing Queen with Warren

Sharpy meets his Idol at South's Juniors.

Andrew meets "Spirit of Elvis" at Star City.